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Christopher Stone
I am a tinkerer, dabbling in all sorts of systems and crafts. By day I am a computer systems administrator. My passion lies discovering how things work, understanding the design process and how it can be improved, refined, applied to new tasks.

Recent Articles

HP Device Manager Password Recovery

If you ever find yourself locked out of a HPDM 4.4 to 4.7 installation, and it was installed against the default PostgreSQL database, this is how you can let yourself back in.

Bitcoin Scalability Issues: Storage Thoughts

Bitcoin keeps track of transactions in a database known as the block chain. It's growing everyday and if Bitcoin is every going to be really popular the size of the block chain is going to become an issue.

The Three NTP Configurations Every Admin Should Know

Every systems administrator should know at least three basic NTP configurations. These are: the Client, the Internal Server, and the Public Server. They're really quite simple, yet I see parts missing from default configurations all the time.

Heartbleed is as bad as they thought

Heartbleed has been in the news quite a bit recently. If you haven't heard about it, there is a bug in OpenSSL's heartbeed code for TLS. Now there's proof that it does leak as much as they thought, it leaves the front door wide open.

DNSSEC Key Rollover with BIND

In a previous article I covered the basic steps to make DNSSEC work at the most minimal level. While it works, it's not a good idea to just set and forget. Like all things security it needs regular maintenance. In the case of DNSSEC your keys need to be rolled regularly.