Chisel CMS

Chisel CMS is the content managment system I am developing to run my personal website. It's much more of a personal challenge than a simple necessity. If I just wanted a CMS with which to run a website I know how to install and run Drupal quite well.

The first modules that I'm working on generate the outter frame of every page (mainly the HTML headers, the "header" div, and the "footer" div) and blog pages. I plan to work on a variety of other modules after that including a photo album and integration with third-part social-media websites. After that, who knows...

Release 0.1a

Version 0.1a is a tongue-n-cheek reference to me writing the HTML by hand. There's no automated generation. Everything is simply text files. I am actually working on a CMS based in Perl + MySQL, but it doesn't work yet (or not well enough for the Internet to have access to it).